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Contemporary district-level hospital under construction in Modasa

Hospitality and Healthcare  -  Sep 16,2023  - 

A contemporary district-level hospital is now being built in Modasa, the district seat of Aravalli, at a cost of more than 121 crore.

The work is underway, and the state government intends to open the hospital in 2024-25, according to Health Minister Rishikeshbhai Patel in response to a query from Bhiloda MLA PC Baranda in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly.

The Health Minister responded to a sub-question by stating that Bhiloda Government Hospital provides 15 clinical services, six distinct diagnostic services, and 12 auxiliary services in General Medicine, Psychiatry, General Surgery, Obstetrics, and Gynaecology.

In the three years before to July 31, 2023, the hospital had serviced 1,25,640 outpatients, 44,890 inpatients, managed 780 deliveries, and performed 2,36,340 different lab tests.

Additionally, 996 major and 17,571 minor operations have been performed.

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