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Main Dashboard

Single click access to all Key Databases.

Projects DB : Latest list of all New Projects Updated.

Promoters’ DB : A separate database of all companies associated with the projects.

Key Person’s DB : Browse / view all the key contacts associated with the projects.

Project List View

Listing of all new projects in the reverse chronological order.

Sort the list by company, industry, state and date.

Filter projects by Main industry, milestones, status.

Export selected projects in excel / pdf format

Detailed Project View

Data points rearranged in a user friendly manner.

Promoter’s Name, Location and Completion schedule above the fold.

Industry, Project Type, End products, Status as bullet points.

Detailed Description along with the timeline is provided.

All company addresses associated with the projects included.

Promoters Database

Full list of all companies along with addresses associated with the projects.

Filter companies by multiple parameters , browse view or export the data

List includes corporate offices, registered offices, site offices, plant addresses.

Address, telephone, telephone number, email and mobile numbers ( wherever available) is provided.

Key contact database

List of all decision makers in a single database.

Browse, view , filter and export data based on multiple parameters

Full names with designations, contact coordinates, email ids mobile numbers provided.

Minimum 3 coordinates provided to reach out the decision maker.