Excel Projects Tracker

Excel ProjectsTracker is an offline version of New Projects Tracker, where you get new projects information in an excel report through email.

Excel Plan

Excel Report with Projects updated in the Online Portal during the previous week

Each Report will have 75 New Project Leads

Data Points: Promoter’s Name, Ownership type, investment, project size, location, state, stage, project details, commissioning schedule and contact coordinates

Number of Reports: 52 Excel Reports ( 12 months)

Daily PDF News Letter – View Sample

Projects Type: Only fresh project leads every week.

Rs.34,500/- + GST

Kindly Note : Please note that this plan does not grant access to the online database or any premium features. Additionally, subscribers will not be able to view projects that were covered in the past. The data available to subscribers will be limited to the information from their date of subscription onwards.