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Vedanta to establish an Iron ore Beneficiation plant in Karnataka

Infrastructure  -  Nov 17,2023  - 

In Megalahalli Village, Chitradurga District, Vedanta Limited has proposed to build an iron ore mineral beneficiation plant.

Through the beneficiation process, this strategic endeavor seeks to enhance the value of harvested iron ore, promoting both environmental sustainability and economic prosperity. The project is expected to cost about Rs 225 crore.

The primary goal of the proposed project is to optimize the extraction and processing of iron ore sourced from the designated mining site.

Through a mineral beneficiation process, Vedanta Limited seeks to elevate the purity and quality of iron ore, making it suitable for diverse industrial applications, particularly in steel production.

Employing advanced beneficiation techniques, the project aims to enhance overall resource utilization efficiency and minimize waste generation, aligning with principles of responsible mining practices.

Company : Vedanta Limited