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New Projects Tracker Information Services is a registered partnership firm engaged in providing business information services & project intelligence data to customers across the country.

New Projects Tracker is a dashboard styled web based application used for tracking new investments in industrial, manufacturing and infrastructure sector. The database that powers the online platform is backed by an experienced research team comprising research analysts of several years of experience that monitors several online resources such as company websites, websites of key departments of central and state governments, industry associations, media websites, business forums and networks to collect information so as to keep the database as fresh as possible.

The premium subscription based service is widely used by Process Equipment Manufacturers, Construction Service Providers, Turnkey Projects Consultants, Engineering Services Providers, Industrial Suppliers, Financial Advisory Services, Turnkey Control & Instrumentation Companies, Logistics Service Companies for sourcing new project leads.

The research firm was founded by Jayaprakash Sampath, a CapEx research professional with over 27+ years of experience in tracking new investments and capital expenditure programmes in Indian industry.


Contact Us

New Projects Tracker Research Information Services

I Floor, Plot No 7A, Saraswathi Colony

( Near Balar Grurukulam School)

Chinmaya Nagar Stage II Extn

Chennai 600092

Reg Office & Research :

New Projects Tracker Research Information Services

19, Bazaar Street

(Opp to Sub Registrar Office)

Uthiramerur 603406, Kancheepuram District



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New subscription enquiries :

Call : Ms.Kavitha Prakash at 9171015659


For Research, New Business Opportunities :

Call : Mr.JayaprakashSampath at 9884643772