Japanese company to open first Indian medical devices plant in Tamil Nadu

The newest foreign manufacturer to establish operations in the area, Japanese company Omron, will open its first medical device factory in India in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, according to two local government officials with firsthand knowledge on Monday.

The sources, who declined to be named ahead of a formal announcement later on Tuesday, said Omron would invest almost 1.3 billion Indian rupees (around $15.7 million) to establish the plant, which will produce devices including blood pressure monitors.

An inquiry from Reuters for comment received no response from the company.

The Japanese company makes electrical equipment ranging from blood pressure monitors to industrial switches and will become the latest global manufacturer to enter or ramp up production in Tamil Nadu, which has in recent months attracted investments from Hyundai Motor, Nike shoemaker Pou Chen and SoftBank Group-backed Ola Electric.

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