EV batteries materials manufacturer to increase India capacity from 200 TPA to 10,000

By the end of 2025, Epsilon Advanced Materials, a domestic manufacturer of materials used in EV batteries, wants to raise its production capacity in the nation from the current 200 tonnes per annum (TPA) to 10,000 TPA.

“Our goal is to take the India capacity to 100,000 TPA but for now 10,000 is enough as it would be sufficient for a 10-gigawatt capacity,” Vikram Handa, the company’s managing director, said in an interview.

This capacity increase is part of Epsilon’s commitment to invest Rs 9,000 crore in India.

Handa is looking to increase Epsilon’s footprint not only in India but also abroad. It has announced an investment of $650 million (around Rs 5,400 crore) in the United States to set up a 50,000 TPA manufacturing unit by 2026.

According to the company, the proposed US facility will provide critical battery materials to power more than 1 million EVs. Epsilon also plans to start operations in GigaVaasa, Finland.

“We took this approach of first catering to international customers as it will help us build capacity in India,” said Handa.


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