Ground analysis commences for six-laning of Kagal-Satara stretch of NH 48

The work of ground analysis as part of the six -aning of Kagal-Satara stretch of Pune-Bangalore National Highway 48 has been started.

The Rs 2,000 crore contract has been awarded to a private company which has, in turn, assigned the task of ‘geotechnical investigation’ to a Rajasthan-based firm. A team of experts from the firm has arrived at the spot and has initiated the work. The team has initiated the work of drilling holes alongside the existing highway using huge machinery and are in the process of collecting samples.

These samples include the rounded columns of the underground showing the layers of the soil and stones. Based on the analysis, the levels of the road will be decided so will be the steepness and turns. As per the plan, several bridges will be constructed based on the columns — one of the demands made by the public representatives to ensure that the flooded river water passes from beneath it and the highway remains free for passage for vehicles.


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