60- beds hospital to be established in Ranchi as part of joint venture

To open a Franchise-Owned Shalby-Managed (FOSM) hospital in the area, Shalby Ltd. has struck an arrangement with Divine Super Specialty Hospital Pvt. Ltd., a renowned hospital in Ranchi with a capacity of 60 beds. This strategic partnership is a significant turning point in our franchise business ambitions and demonstrates our dedication to providing high-quality healthcare services to the residents of Ranchi and the surrounding areas.

Shalby Limited will offer their knowledge, operational advice, specialty doctor services, supply chain, and learning & development support in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement to aid in the formation and efficient management of the hospital. The franchisee, Divine Super Specialty Hospital Pvt. Ltd., will be in charge of managing the hospital’s daily operations.

Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand, has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, creating a demand for high‐quality healthcare services. Our partnership with Divine Super Specialty Hospital Pvt. Ltd., will leverage our extensive experience and excellent reputation in the healthcare industry to meet this demand effectively.

This collaboration aligns with our long‐term vision of expanding our presence and making quality healthcare accessible to a wider population. We are confident that Shalby Divine Super Specialty Hospital, Ranchi will contribute significantly to the healthcare ecosystem of the region, offering comprehensive and advanced medical facilities.


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